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GPS tracking, big LCD screens and faster cellular data connections – the perfect storm of technologies at our fingertips which paved the way making location based dating apps a reality.

Nine years later, let’s take a look at some of the best gay apps in Ireland for dating. This app, which was first released in 2009, provides gay men the opportunity to meet in an instant, for friendship, dates and hook ups.

Now that an estimated 20% of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 are using online dating sites, it seems like everyone and their mother is on Tinder.

But with the rise in online dating comes the rise of assholes who see dating apps as a vehicle for harassing and disrespecting women.

Maybe just say "hi" instead — or, even better, don't say anything at all.

After meeting up with a man from Tinder, Lauren Crouch decided she just didn't feel the spark.

One of the most popular ways for meeting gay men is by using one of the gay apps available in Ireland for your smartphone.

When Steve Jobs introduced the i Phone in 2007 and redefined the smartphone, not even he could have anticipated the massive change the technology would have on our lives.

Public attitudes toward online dating have become more positive in recent years, but many users also report negative experiences.

You'd think most men would be able to differentiate between an innocent Google search of someone they're interested in and full-blown cyberstalking. Maggie Serota, the managing editor of , experienced this firsthand when she received a lengthy message from a man who criticized her "terribly unevolved" taste in music and had clearly researched her entire internet presence beforehand.

"I get unsolicited, overly sexual emails all the time and a few that insult my appearance ...

This is evident in the larger profile images on the app’s home screen and the evolution of a swipe interface required to see more of a guy’s stats and information when you tap into their profile. Surge takes it’s place among the best gay apps as the fastest growing gay social network.

Tribes are another addition to the continually evolving Grindr. Internet star Davey Wavey talks to singer Steve Grand at the mark about some of it’s distinguishing features in this video saying it’s “kind of like gay Tinder but with Snapchat features […] and unlike Grindr it doesn’t have the spammy bots.” “And right now it’s actually the number two gay dating app behind Grindr, and it has five stars which Grindr definitely does not.” (Grindr actually has 1.5 stars on the i OS App Store!

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