9 year old writes dating book

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Dating - which he defines as going out to dinner without your parents - is for "kind of old" people, who are 15 or 16.

Officials at the Soaring Hawk Elementary School said he wrote the book - which was the runaway bestseller at its book fair - for kids, but believe anyone can find inspiration in it.

I think that is why the book has done well, because it is seen as another in a long line of popular humorous books on how to live life. Don't know why the BBC wasted their time with this tripe.

You can do loads of things on there you can’t do on a computer like recording sounds and taking pictures.

Alec wants to be a full time writer when he grows up and is already working on follow-ups to How to Talk to Girls with How To Talk To Grandparents, How To Talk To Moms and How To Talk To Dads and are already in the pipeline.

lss He based his techniques on watching children trying to chat up other children. More importantly - what does it say about modern popular culture, that such a book can do so well?

Alec Greven is the author of “How to Talk to Girls” which began as an elementary school project.

Alec says that he just observed boys making mistakes around the playground and believes that interest is the key to winning a girl’s heart.

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