Aish dating advice

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…Marry someone who appreciates you and wants you to grow into the best you possible.” After placing the reader firmly on the track of personal growth and presenting a richer understanding of love and marriage, Manolson details an effective dating plan of action.Her advice on transforming the potentially tense, defensive dating atmosphere into one of mutual appreciation rang familiar.A beautiful passage in the “Love and Marriage” chapter describes the infinite potential of marriage to cultivate closeness between two souls until they are one.“Love can…help you feel centered and at home in the world…. And while love has excitement and passion, there’s even greater pleasure in the quiet drama of two souls moving closer.

The author draws from the renowned relationship theories of psychologist/author, Harville Hendrix, Ph.

1 With clarifying case scenarios, Manolson illustrates these hidden motivations behind a person’s choice of spouse.

“God may even have created this ‘unconscious spouse choice’ to encourage both marriage partners to confront their hurts and grow past them, so they can become more complete, not only as individuals, but as a couple,” the author explains.

Manolson sees the dating period as essential preparation for marriage, and challenges the secular view of “experiential dating” which has seeped into the community.

“…Dating may teach you how to date, but won’t teach you how to be married, and the illusion that it does can be harmful.” She clearly lays out the requirements one must bring to a good marriage, starting with a “healthy, adult personality” which includes maturity, autonomy, self-esteem, trust, the capacity for emotional intimacy and self-knowledge.

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