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Instead of downplaying its importance, bring it to the forefront of your new relationship.In my Signature Program I teach clients how to invite a woman back to their place using a signature move that isn’t explicitly sexual.Each immigrant brings their own unique culture and attitudes with them as they navigate American life.These uniquely foreign features can work for and against you.We’ll also take a look at what other areas Indian men in particular need improving if they want to thrive in the American dating scene.It seems counterintuitive to wield your family as a dating tool, but hear me out.

Women are always looking for reassurance that their new hubby will make for a great father.There’s no better way to convince her that you’ll be a great husband and father than by rocking your little niece in your arms or by playing soccer with your little cousins.Showing off your family early on in the relationship may work to your advantage if she takes to them.Like I said, most Americans only see their family members during major holidays, but that doesn’t mean they are anathema to family time. She’d be ecstatic to get welcomed into your family and extend her social circle.Once your family meets her, solicit their opinions. They can act like an internal board of directors and give her the thumbs up or down.

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