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When I have used the News app in the past, I used saved stories Whether Apple News is worth this level of ubiquity across the OS depends on how good you think Apple News is.Apple says it wants to ensure higher quality through human curation—not just algorithmic curation—the latter is arguably more easily gamed by unscrupulous publishers.It's an attractive and efficient design, but it's nothing that numerous third-party apps didn't offer already.The main sales proposition here seems to be the Apple News tie-in. The main story with News is its integration into those other apps.Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to test this feature yet—we’ll have to see how it works once i OS 12.1 is released, and so on.i OS comes with a password manager that looks just like Keychain on the Mac, which accesses the same data in i Cloud.

But that probably matters more to Apple than it does to you.

When the feature is enabled, your device will automatically download the update and install it overnight.

The updates will only install automatically if the device is connected to Wi-Fi and to a power source.

Swipe all the way up from the bottom while you're in an app, and it takes you back to the home screen.

Swipe down from the top-right and you'll get the control center, which also works like it used to.

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