Armory not updating wow

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I tried it on multiple computers, and had other people try to load characters as well. All toons I have seen have been stuck in the same mog.

Items, specs, news all seem to be updating fine, just not the character image.

I don't see how this could possibly be so difficult for them to fix that they have a legit reason for it lasting this long. Parts of their cluster probably went down (hence some of us have this issue) and they are serving cached version of data, while trying to rebuild index based on the game data.

I also have yet to see them repsond to anyone on why it's broken, or when they will be fixing this. But with Blizzards track record I am not holding my breath. I understand what the issues are when handling large data sets but they have more than enough money and resources to minimize such occurrences. I have an Associates in Web Design and a Bachelors in Management of Information Systems.

My character's model has not been updated in the Armory in several weeks.

I have logged out of the forums and logged back in.

My character itself has updated for example my new guild and realm but not my dungeon armory (nor my ilvl and gear but thats not important to me).

At the same time, I completed all raids for MOP expansion in (LFR), and all of them are updated at the armory. I can’t say that it’s a character or armory bug because it doesn’t want to show that this raid only is complete in the armory, and blizzard should fix this at the armory.

When I send a ticket, Game Master Daremdekhar told me to post a thread.

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