Avril nyambura dating

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By The mother of three said that she had to ask for his password in order to always know who is trying to come in between the two as she tries to deal with his stardom.Speaking to Citizen TV, she said that the singer, however, does not have her social media passwords.BAHAT’I ARMS And it’s her past life of being the party socialite that led her into Bahati’s arms.Their first encounter was when she appeared as a video vixen for the singer’s hit song “Mapenzi”, where she played the lead character alongside Bahati. She adds: “At that time I was dating, and that is when hell broke loose for me on my dating life.She asked the why they did not keep their time as indicated on the invite. We were told (pm), perhaps if we were told to come at 2(pm)we would have been here at 2.

By Nairobi News show on Friday, the now born-again model she said that she used to party from Thursday to Monday with friends at different clubs.

Afterwards, she performed on a number of singles with established artists before finally breaking into the limelight when she featured on Marya’s runaway hit single “Chokoza.” She has since launched into a successful solo career with her latest collaboration with Tanzanian AY (Ambwene Allen Yessayah) “Stress” being nominated for the Female Video of the Year at the Pulse Music Awards 2015.

Singer Avril Nyambura has re-awoken rumours that she could be dating director, J. In a lovely message on Instagram, Avril wished Blessing a happy birthday as he turned a year older.

Actually that morning as we were going to shoot his video that is when I broke up with my then boyfriend.” Bahati first introduced the mother of his two children back in 2017 calling her his ‘Prayer Partner’, a tag that sparked a debate on social media.

Netizens wanted to know whether a prayer partner is a person you can depend on for religious encouragement, or just a fancy name for girlfriends before making it official.

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