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Remember what they say, "Be careful what you wish for!" Costumes (b b g, exhib, nosex) A clever mother devises the perfect Halloween costumes for her three children and thoroughly enjoys showing off her handiwork.New Territory (b g, 1st, inc) A girl writes to her best friend about her new home.The Pack (b g, 1st) A girl enjoys the attention of four boys, and they all revel in the newly-discovered pleasures of sex.Comfortable with Brother (mg, inc, 1st) A preteen girl goes to her older brother for comfort and ends up getting it and more.Dear Diary (b-solo, exhib, bg, 1st) A pre-teen boy is caught masturbating by his mother.Tells the history of how Stay-boy came into common use and how it changed society.

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Stay-boy History (b, mf, exhib, drug) A companion piece to Stay-boy.The First Thing (b, humor, nosex) A brief observation.Getting to Know Father (M F, bg, inc, exhib, swing) A boy becomes privy to a family secret.Cute (bg drug stay-boy) An 11-year-old girl's attempts to seduce the new neighbor boy are frustrated by Stay-boy. ) A woman is introduced to an exciting new experience.Bored (M-solo, M/M, oral, anal, mc) A man dabbles with hypnosis.

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