Cancer dating cancer gay

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It’s very easy to look at Cancer people as basically putting on a show.

The most common configuration of the Cancer personality, Cancer women included, is of a person who seems to have her head on straight, who has the right goals, who seems to be making the right plans and the right progress through life, but deep down, she is a mess.

To get in good with him you’ll have to first get in good with his mother.

Cancer is a sign of fertile imagination and deep emotional needs.

If he had a rough childhood he’s even more in search of that perfect, nurturing mother figure to take care of him.

He needs his moods and anxieties to be understood and if they’re not then he will retreat to his shell and come back out when he feels safe.

He can be sulky and depressed one minute then entirely sentimental, happy, or extroverted in the next.

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