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On top of that, she learned that her keeper (the other) David made the decision to go home fearing his growing feelings for her.The arrival of the well-endowed D'Andre did little to soothe Natalie's crushed spirit.As a teen, Johnny and his sister met a scientist named Reed Richards and volunteered to go on an experimental rocket designed by Reed.The rocket would help humanity fly to the stars if everything worked as planned.After an adventure with the Mole Man, the Sue Storm found a newspaper article which had a small section about her and Johnny's father.The two went to visit him in prison, but unknown to them, the Super-Skrull had kidnapped Franklin Storm and shape shifted to replace him.He would quit the team early on (and many more times) because of his temper.

(These adventures were chronicled in Strange Tales).

Sue, Reed and the pilot, Ben Grimm, gained super powers as a result.

Johnny burst into flame and soon realized he could fly.

Through all the drama, all four guys did it naked, leading to more rear nudity throughout the hour.

Johnny Storm is the son of physician Franklin Storm and his wife Mary.

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