Closet gay dating

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His movies flop and he is only really known by the tabloid stories his people pay US Weekly to do cover stories on. Getting a divorce and either not remarrying or not finding another primary (het) relationship within a couple of years.

Bf's brother is obviously in the closet but prefers to hide behind his disguise of a divorced dad and claims he doesn't want to hurt the kids by risking another bad relationship, or "set a bad example" by living with another woman outside of marriage. And when I see you down at the local gay watering hole, I'll pretend I don't know you.

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When he went out with women he said he looked at a guy, but he told himself he had no desire for them anymore, and he was not going to do that.You are way off base on the topic of porn.[quote]Where do you get the idea that married straight men, or even most unmarried straight men watch porn? Wikipedia: In the United States, the pornographic film industry is centered in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, with an estimated 200 production companies in the region employing as many as 15,000 performers, making up to 11,000 films and estimated to earn as much as billion a year I've known a ton of men who do not watch porn.Educated men with masters and Phd degrees - or just educated men in general - often do not watch porn at all.Who is the troll who keeps insisting that nobody with education, taste and class watches pornographic entertainment, as if watching porn reflects poorly on one's character and intelligence?My hunch is that 82's point, which I thought completely obvious even with my porn-addled faculties, is that the pornographic entertainment industry is massive, indicating that many men, probably from all walks of life with all kinds of educational and occupational backgrounds, watch the stuff.

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