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They may give off the illusion of “goodness” in order to maintain an image of normalcy, but like anything else with a psychopath, it's all manufactured.

They are incapable of seeing other human beings as unique individuals deserving of love & kindness. Someone who is capable of abusing you (with silence, gas-lighting, cheating, and pathological lying) is not also capable of suddenly being a decent human being because they found a better partner. And so we do not need to waste our time wondering if the right person will magically transform them into an empathetic human being. Wise Psychopaths, Honest Narcissists, Empathetic Sociopaths, & Other Virtuous Evil People Pathological Lying: A Psychopathic Manipulation Tool 4.

So here's our philosophy: All of these disorders are toxic, they're all untreatable, and they all follow the cycle of idealize, devalue, discard. Not just a label, but a specific pattern of extremely manipulative & hurtful behavior.

These qualities & behaviors are indicative of a serious personality disorder, not temporary symptoms a bad relationship. Perhaps psychopaths come from abusive backgrounds, or perhaps they simply have messed up brain chemistry. What's the difference between a psychopath, sociopath, and narcissist?

The media has been having a field day with the idea of “good psychopaths”, which just goes to show the gross misunderstanding of the damage these disorders cause every single day. Psychologists, Google, doctors, and authors in the field will give you completely different answers to this question.

They use social media to shove their happy lives in everyone's faces, but what kind of happy person keeps subtly boasting about how happy they are that they chose one person over another? That's someone trying to triangulate you and make you jealous.

But the thing is, you still have every chance at happiness.

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