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Auditory courtship displays are common across many types of animal, including birds (song), frogs (vocalisation), monkeys (calls), whales (song) and crocodiles (bellowing).

Many species employ visual and auditory cues as part of their elaborate courtship displays.

Men were more likely to offer gifts for tactical, mostly signalling reasons: displaying financial resources; creating a good impression; and showing signs of long-term interest as a means of seduction.

The evolutionary roots of human gift giving extend beyond an investigation of sex differences.

In the game of life, survival is only part of the battle.

One must also succeed in attracting a suitable mate.

When in oestrus, females of many species exhibit visual cues - for instance, enlarged and engorged genitalia - to communicate sexual receptivity.

Miami University's Eric Stenstrom and I tested this principle in the context of women's beautification practices.

My colleague John Vongas and I examined how men's product-related showing off affects their testosterone levels.On the other hand, the women's visual system is tricked into imagining that men who are associated with high-status products are taller than might be the case.Although in most species males are more likely than females to engage in elaborate forms of sexual signalling, this does not imply that females don't do so as well.Beautification, behaviours and purchases were greater in the maximally fertile phase of their cycles.In a wide array of species, nuptial gifts are central to the courtship ritual because of their signalling value. The calories-for-sex trade is replete in the animal kingdom, but perhaps the most "romantic" instantiation of this phenomenon is sexual cannibalism - largely found among spider and insect species - wherein males are devoured during copulation.

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