Dating a close female friend

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These tips are for both men and women because falling for someone is a natural human response that will elicit the same signs.Here are a number of signs that you can pick up on that will alert you that the person is beginning to fall for you or has strong feelings beyond your existing friendship: -The person seeks you out more wanting to be around you as much as possible.She also sometimes goes a bit quiet and has a slightly depressed look on her face until I talk to her.

There can be a number of signs to know if a girl is falling for you which can be any number of reasons which will be below: 1.She will become more comfortable with you in different ways of touching and closeness.Those are just a few and there are much more but these above are the most noticeable ways to tell if a girl is falling for you.Even when she has nothing to say she will still text the "hi" or "Hi," messages just to get a response from you to know that she is still in tune with you throughout the day. Jealously will play its part also in this situation because she will not like the thought of you being around other girls or talking to other girls if she knows that you have feelings or an attraction to them.It won't come off as an obsession jealousy but she will, in fact, give off the "yeah" or "uh huh" statements when the conversation is about other girls as a way to brush off the conversation. Intimacy will become a factor when she starts to enjoy your touch more or touching you more throughout the relationship.

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