Dating a guy going through a divorce

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Divorce usually means moving, so a man mid-divorce may have just left a house that he loved and cared for for years, into a place he’s not crazy about, and doesn’t feel connected to. But, you can help him make his new home feel like a home.

A marriage is about so much more than sex and love.

Maybe he was there going through boxes or even having dinner with his ex, and their kids, as a family.

It can feel like a betrayal, but it’s more normal than you may think.

Your friends will tell you not to get involved with a man who is mid-divorce.

They’re just worried about you and they don’t really know the finer details of the situation, nor can they really feel out his emotional state. If you try to make dinner plans after one of his meetings with his lawyer—or, worse, his lawyer, his ex, and her lawyer—you may be disappointed.

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