Dating at byu

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Haws recently completed his college career as the all-time leading scorer in school history.

He is hoping to continue as a professional basketball player.

"It’s not all about him." Mutual understanding Raymond knew of Haws the basketball player, but she didn’t recall sitting next to him in a summer Book of Mormon class shortly after he returned from his LDS mission.

“He knew who I was, but I didn’t even remember having the class with him,” Raymond said.

He had ditched the mullet hairstyle, which she appreciated. “Sounds good,” she said, finally passing along her cellphone number. Martinez, a sophomore who specializes in the 800 meters and has Olympic aspirations, said the fame has not gone to Collinsworth’s head.Although Isom was far away, he persistently sent random messages through social media until they became electronic pen pals.In time, text messages became long phone conversations and then video chat sessions. One day in February 2014, Martinez and other members of the BYU women’s track and field team were working out in the weight room when a teammate called her over to speak with a basketball player named Kyle Collinsworth.The 6-foot-6 guard was sporting a mullet hairdo and wearing a cutoff hoodie, shorts and clunky black snow boots.

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