Dating my sister in law

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Stay out of their relationship, don't pick sides, end of story. A while later his older brother and her younger sister got together and are now married. If family members share their opinions, simply respond, "My wife and I were surprised by the news of the relationship, but take comfort they found support while getting through a terrible time in their lives.

My cousins who are brothers married two sisters and they are both extremely happy. Now let's all move on." And if there's a breakup, you simply respond, "We are surprised by the end of the relationship, but take comfort that for awhile they found support while getting through a terrible time in their lives.

If there relationship goes south which it most likely will, I feel like it will be a burden on our marriage.

Our families are already kind of iffy of each other.

The next day my sister found out that her husband had been cheating on her.

It was a crappy time but my wife and I would joke about setting them up on a blind date since they have never met and already have so much in common.

The children of both of them have been having children in the last two years and they have unanimously decided that they'll be grandparents for the kids, regardless of genetics, just because they're so good together.

I think you should just let love do it's thing and see what happens. Be honest that you are concerned that the relationship, if it ends will make life difficult for you and your husband.

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My mother in law is one of those narcissistic parents that's takes everything personally.

Explain now that you will not take sides and need to maintain a relationship with both of them if they split. You could divorce your wife then your BIL wont be your BIL and problem solved.

They are adults and if it clicks between them why the hell should they care what you think.

Being in a new relationship is fun and exciting, and for some people, it's even if you try to intervene. And their relationship could end up making things very uncomfortable.

However, there's really nothing you or your wife can do about it. Unfortunately, you have no say in the situation and you're going to have to let both of these adults make their own decisions.

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