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But like any family, when nobody else understands them, they understand each other.

“To be a submariner you have to be different,” said Murtha.

However, the newly converted SSGN (cruise missile submarines) are updated former ballistic missile submarines and have the most advanced technology capable of launching cruise missiles, mini-submarines, and special operations personnel.

The following story is about the life onboard a ballistic missile submarine whose main mission is the strategic defense of our nation as it is loaded with nuclear ballistic missiles that can be launched from below the surface from anywhere in the world's oceans.

No, wearing Dolphins means that the crew trusts you to know how to save the boat regardless of the casualty, and regardless of your rating or rank.

Earning that trust makes you much more than a professional Sailor, it makes you a member of the submarine family.” “On my boat,” said CDR Robert Palisin, Maine’s Blue Crew commanding officer, “everyone is expected to know how to save the boat.

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If you’re on my boat and you’re wearing Dolphins, then I trust you, period.But they go to sea anyway, cruising below the ocean’s stealth and concealment.Most people, many Sailors included, think they’re crazy.“We practice responding to casualties so much that we do it instinctively,” said MM2(SS) Jim Crowson. Otherwise, we might get scared first instead of responding if the real thing ever goes down. I’m not trying to sound macho–it’s just the reality of how to survive when all you may have are seconds before the boat sinks below crush depth.” Despite going to sea on a boat with no windows, no fantail, no helipad or even a hatch to allow in some tension-breaking fresh salt air, submariners are still Sailors at heart.These brothers all volunteer for submarine duty, and their commitment is no different than the Sailors on aircraft carriers, cruisers or even tugboats.

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