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Write("" result); Seems like your answer is here at php BB community, however as you already know, it is salted hash so you need to use the function provided in the link to check your password, because the hash will change whenever generated.

I'm changing the forum to a different one, written in classic ASP (I know people are going to disapprove of this but I have good reasons). WK7d Jm Odazh0"; bool result = c Php BB.phpbb Check Hash("blingblangblaow222", remote Hash); Response.

You need these changes: Changes to conf/local.php: $conf['authtype'] = 'phpbb'; Add it or change the existing one $conf['defaultgroup']= 'user'; This one has to be in sync with your existing group in php BB $conf['superuser'] = ''; The admin of the board.

Additional superusers can be configured via config tool in the Dokuwiki $conf['disableactions'] = 'register'; To stop registering via Dokuwiki, I just want new users to register via my php BB board, got a self-made registering form $conf['openregister']= 0; No self-Registering allowed (Maybe obsolete because of disable register, did not try this) $conf['auth']['mysql']['server'] and ['user'] is not needed! S.: This page should really be splitted in several ones.

A try to explain how to do integration - After hours (And days, believe me) of struggling with all those changes in and SQL commands I found out that it is so easy….

Well….there is a lot of stuff mentioned above which is not needed to integrate Dokuwiki in a php BB board.

Information regarding this topic could also be found in Authentication backend: My SQL.

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My users (Group: User like the usergroup in php BB) have the right to write in the namespace where the info files are stored and the board admins rights to manage every page. Is there any way someone could make this a little clearer about which files are being edited where, which of it is mysql, which of the files should be created. I'm not very good with my SQL or php, so it'd be great if someone could simplify this for us (most of the work is already done I imagine)….I agree written extremely poorly I am still trying to fix the problems and I've been working on it for 4 hours now!Please ignore if you already tried the code provided in the link. One more option would be to create seperate php page/service, to do password hashing or hash create has use "phpbb_hash" function and to check use "phpbb_check_hash" and these functions can be exposed to ASP or ASP. You can also tweak the current Phpbb system so that it stores a SHA1 hash of the password entered during login.

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