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That’s why you must forget everything you have seen in any porn. In my opinion they are the bestest in sexual intimacies... I am rather looking for a woman with sincere heart and ready to receive and experience my love for her.A part-time romance is not part of the deal, so don’t waste her time – and yours – by playing around.A good sense of humour is always a great asset and is essential for those difficult moments, such as breaking the ice when two people meet for the first time. During the long cold winters, these stunning beauties are well-insulated – wrapped in chunky parkas they resemble polar bears on two legs.Most follow the traditional views of love and marriage and, when choosing a life-partner, will know exactly how to look after and please her man.

Today Alexandra C., content writer of a Czech women dating website, shared her viewpoints on a range of interesting topics with us:* The most misleading content in today’s world is porn.‘The more you watch porn, the more things will go wrong in your bedroom’, says Alexandra, a hot Czech woman, ‘That’s because porn is designed for men to watch while masturbating.Those who produce porn for you know why you buy their products, so it actually has nothing to do with what women really want.’ Indeed, as a man, if you have sex like a porn star, you can’t be a great lover. i am very much impressed with their mannerism and empathetic nature.My ideal woman is anyone with all her imperfections which makes her truly huma..

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