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You’ll never see the Southampton-born singer bragging about money. He says: “BIGGIE used it very well as a quote, ‘Mo money, mo problems’.

In the sense that everything comes up, the £400 to sort the leak out in the little flat that you might have been in turns into £40,000 for the bigger place to £400,000 to £4million.

It follows huge comeback album Following My Intuition in 2016, which came after a spell in the wilderness in Miami.

The garage legend admits he needed time away from the spotlight to rediscover himself and also write better music.

CRAIG DAVID has made a career out of turning ­suggestive lyrics about women into chart hits.

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“So never get fooled that you may have had success early on and financially it may be giving you something. But I’m very grateful that I’ve got good people around me and good management that have never allowed me to get to the position where I’ve overspent and I’ve put myself in a situation where if music wasn’t doing its thing for me then I wouldn’t be able to function.” Craig credits his financial caution to his “working-class roots” and his dad’s words — “Do you really need this? But given his recent success, surely even his dad would understand if he treated himself.Tokio said: “I met him when we did the Grenfell song and he was a big fan of what I was doing. I don’t know what’s going to happen but Stormzy is a f***ing legend.” Tokio has opted against teaming up with loads of chart-toppers for his own upcoming album.In an exclusive chat, he said: “I’ve kept it like DISCLOSURE did at the start with their debut album – no big names.” With his eye for talent, there could be some future stars, though.A WHITE Christmas used to have a very different meaning for former KEANE frontman TOM CHAPLIN.But after beating his cocaine addiction, he is now gunning for this year’s Christmas No1 by releasing his first-ever festive album.

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