East european dating for marriage

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Differences so large you could sail a ship though them. They are just waiting for the sweet kiss of death to set them free. However, the cultures of these two societies have produced different views on women towards life and marriage. Well because myself and basically every American guy who is or was single and tried with sincere intentions to date an American girl, found themselves shocked at the childish, flakey games that were played.I want to point out cultural differences that perhaps made this happen.If you’re interested in getting a faithful and loving wife, you should consider dating Czech mail order brides. Yet, there are many unanswered questions about them. Why Western men are so much obsessed with the beauty of Russian women? How interesting will your life with a Russian wife be?Is it true that all Russian brides are gold-diggers and seek only a «green card»?

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It can be even more important than the financial issue in the family, so remember that and try to be understanding with your Slavic mail-order bride.

This is not any judgement, rather just laying out the differences and you choose which culture you would rather marry in.

I recommend considering not marrying the girl next door and going for an Eastern European girl for marriage as in my personal experience they will bring you happiness.

Why get married if you are not going to play to win and go for your dream.

They are usually raised by the tradition-oriented parents and grow up with an idea of becoming a good life partner.

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