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Every adjective you see on the poster to the left is, in fact, an . One of my favorite bloggers in the Internet identity/security/privacy/personal data space, T.

Rob Wyatt, just posted an expose of what the Samsung privacy policy really means when it comes to using Samsung devices and their integrated Ad Hub advertising network.

******* Postscript: logging into my personal Gmail account tonight, I noticed they have a new UI for Contacts. The group member email address selection feature is gone again. About a third of the way into this movie I found myself thinking that film has become such a high art form, attracting so much talent the world over, that either we’re going to run out of ideas or our heads are going to explode.

This is the sharpest, tightest, most skillful sci-fi script in memory.

So how many of them do you think use Google Contacts?

Given that it’s Gmail’s default address book, I’d guess 90% plus.

That means there’s a good chance that at least 100 million people have this simple problem: if a member of a contact group has more than one email address…how do you specify which email address(es) to use for that contact in that group???

It turns out this is a must-have feature of a contact group.

A cofounder you should be complementary in skill set and completely aligned in vision and motivation: why you want to start the company, what your risk aversion is, how you envision managing the company, where you want to take the company. I understand why people do, but the people you work with are ultimately going to make or break the idea.A book club contact group obviously should use a personal email address.Of course there are exceptions, but that’s the whole point: you must to be able to precisely control which email address to use for each contact group or you might as not use contact groups at all. At the bottom of this three year long discussion of the problem on a Google product forum. It reads: Ed, they didn’t make it obvious, but it’s there. At the top, under the contact’s name, you should see a list of contact groups that the contact belongs to.Which was undoubtably writer/director Alex Garland’s goal here.Not just to get under your skin, but inside your mind. My Newsle service spotted this post by Brad Feld about his recommended approach to dealing with missed email: ignore it and re-engage with your email stream afresh upon your return.

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