Girls dating skinny guys

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The idea that only thin women are attractive to others just isn’t sound.

Desire may be influenced by norms, but that’s usually one piece of a very big puzzle.

If we know anything to be true when it comes to attraction and sexuality, it’s that those things are incredibly diverse; we can’t accurately quantitatively measure one person’s appeal for another.

The ways people are visually or sexually attracted to others do align with cultural beauty ideals.

A guy has expressed serious romantic interest in me.

I find it very difficult to believe he could really be attracted to me.

Remember, if you ever get told that you look too muscular, just know that deep down, getting swole only makes you more desirable.

I know that it’s tough to overcome the reality that larger people are deeply discriminated against and erased from current beauty ideals.You’re already feeling the sting of what can happen when you give those ideals power.Do yourself a solid and make a vow right now to stop giving them such power. I did a Google Images search for “hot” just to see the most current perceptions around that.However, those “ideals” presented by media, fashion and popular culture diminish, demean and leave out a lot of people, not just because of their size but because of their ethnicity, ability, gender presentation or class.We should be critical of beauty ideals for a lot of reasons, rather than letting them starve us of appreciating all kinds of bodies.

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