Intimidating strike dd 3 5

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Conversely, you take a -4 penalty on your Intimidate check for every size category that you are smaller than your target.

A character immune to fear can’t be intimidated, nor can nonintelligent creatures.

That would make for efficiency right there, and push it above Daunting Presence in usefulness at higher levels. And that's not counting extra attacks from a Speed effect, natural weapons, two weapon fighting, whatever.

To do so, make an Intimidate check opposed by the target’s modified level check (see above). A shaken character takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws.

No matter what level you are and no mater how many attacks you can make, you only make a single attack.

So your overall damage output will be exponentially lower.

(Hence why I don't have Dreadful Wrath, Imperious Command, or similar feats.) Intimidating Strike: -Can deliver an attack with it, so you don't have to sacrifice (as much) damage to use it -Gives a bonus to your Intimidate check, which can be boosted pretty high -The penalty/bonus are chosen like Power Attack, so you can adjust the risk and reward according to the situation -Must be in melee range -Intimidate uses that wonky "modified level check" nonsense, so other debuffs usually won't make them more susceptible to it, and enemies with high HD are harder to intimidate -You have to take a penalty to your attack for it to work, so it can be hard to use against dodgy enemies Daunting Presence: -Can't use as part of an attack, lowering potential damage -The likelihood of it working depends mostly on the enemy (their save bonus) rather than on me (my Intimidate score or etc.) Either one, if successful, will have mostly the same effect, but the way they go about doing it is different. Any thoughts as to which of these feats is more useful and reliable? It doesn't stack with itself though, so you can make your enemy Shaken without stacking fear effects.

I guess the big question is, what's more reliable, a Will save or an Intimidate check? can you combine Intimidating Strike with other attack options, like Power Attack? There are also several different Fear inducing magic items, like the Subjugating weapon enhancement from Heroes of Battle.

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