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It's hard to tell if companies like Sling TV offer customer care over live chat, so we started compiling this information and best alternatives from customers like you.

Please keep sharing what you know about contacting Sling TV with Get Human and keep sharing with others so we can together make customer service less frustrating.

While Sling TV does offer live chat as a way to get help, they do not have a phone number you can call.

In total, there are 4 ways to get in touch with them. Please let us know so we can keep sharing the best possible information with other customers.

Since Sling TV does not have a customer service phone number, we strongly recommend using the live chat details above to have a conversation with them about your problem.

Calls to Sky contact centres are inclusive for Sky Mobile and Sky Talk customers.

Time from signup to market introduction was less than 45 days, including software examination, setup and staff training.

The department that mans the chat windows at are used to handling Cancel or Change Account, Add a Channel, Streaming or Download Trouble, Account Access, Refund a Charge and other customer service issues.

Meanwhile, since the new Apple TV came out, Roku’s sales doubled because Apple helped bring a lot of new attention and awareness to web TV set-top boxes.

By the end of 2010 Roku sold its 1 millionth box and its revenues surpassed million. But the accelerated growth of the customer base also meant a significant demand in customer service.

Vincent told us that Roku approached several providers, including Live Chat, and looked at different aspects of the implementation.

Time was an important factor as the selected solution needed to be deployed immediately.

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