Motorcycle dating certificate

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The Owner’s Club have managed to save and conserve these records which they now make available for searches by the motorcycle’s current owner, even if they aren’t actually a member of the owners club.Obviously it takes time to search through all the records to find the details of your bike so there is a charge – £8.50 for Owner’s Club members and £20.00 for non-members.This article and website are based upon my own opinions, experiences, mistakes and successes and is provided for general interest and information purposes only.I hope you find it useful, but please do not rely blindly on anything I have written or done myself.I would recommend a C5 envelope which allows a single fold to the certificate.

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Ride with confidence Your bike is covered for unlimited mileage to be free from material or manufacturing defects.

Further information can be found by clicking teh following link to the Owner’s Club website: Link to the machine dating page of the AJS and Matchless Owner’s Club website.

An example of a dating certificate is shown at the top of this page (click to view a larger version).

These are detailed in a separate letter which the Club supplies alongside the dating certificate.

It can include information such as who the bike was originally supplied to, who performed the factory test ride and other such interesting pieces of information regarding your bike’s early history.

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