Multifocal or accommodating intraocular lens asperger dating online

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Since the distribution of parameters defined during postoperative examinations do not match the normal distribution according to the Shapiro-Wilks test, the comparison of the two study groups was performed using Mann Whitney U-test.The results are shown in median ±interquartile range values.Positive vertical coordinates stand for superior decentration, and negative for inferior decentration.By eliminating positive and negative signs, the magnitude of horizontal and vertical decentration could be determined without reference to nasal/temporal and superior/inferior orientation, respectively.Uncorrected and spectacle-corrected near visual acuity was easured using a Rosenbaum-Jaeger reading chart at 35 cm, and intermediate visual acuity at 60 cm. Uncorrected and spectacle- corrected distance visual acuity was measured using a Snellen chart fro 6 m.

The two main lines are represented by multifocal („pseudoaccommodating”) and socalled accommodating intraocular lens designs.

In the case of the AC group, the diameter of the CCC had to be 5.5 mm (7) to prevent the anterior capsule covering the optics of the AC intraocular lens.

In the case of the MF group, a smaller, 4.75 mm (6) CCC was created to achieve an overlap over the IOL optic, as a large or eccentric capsulorhexis increases the risk of postoperative IOL misalignment (8,9). Patients were instructed to instill one drop of dexamethasone 0.1%-tobramycin 0.3% (Tobradex, Alcon Laboratories Inc, Ft.

Multifocal (3) and accommodating (4) intraocular lenses have become more and more popular recently (5).

The purpose of our prospective study was the comparison of the postoperative visual performance with a progressive-optic refractive and diffractive multifocal IOL and an accommodating IOL.

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