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” About the Author: Sarah Elizabeth Richards is a journalist and the author of Motherhood, Rescheduled: The New Frontier of Egg Freezing and the Women Who Tried It.Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Marie Claire, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Slate, and Salon.Nor are they looking to hear what you might be thinking at that moment when you walked into the wine bar, such as “I put on a few pounds since I posted my photos, and this dress is really tight, and I’m hoping you won’t notice.” or “I’ve been single a while, and I’m really terrified about being back out there.So please don’t reject me.” Most likely, if you’re on a date, here’s what the question is really getting at: No doubt you’re selling yourself.Here are some tips on how to shape and tell your “story”: 1) Don’t limit yourself You’re not your job title or hobby. So don’t limit the full range of what you’re about. So offer some big picture perspective along with your biographical info and key dating facts.Examples: “Well, I’m new to the area and have really been enjoying discovering Miami’s Cuban restaurants. The question seems so simple, so delightfully inquisitive even.

“ or “I never thought I’d be in this place in my life.” Own where you are. 4) Be hopeful about the future You always want to communicate that you’re headed somewhere great and looking for someone who wants to join you on your journey.

Don’t conclude your story by saying, “So I guess I’ll give dating another try” followed by a heavy sigh. Tell your date that you’re in a good place in your life and seeking a wonderful partner.

Your date will be more likely to think, “Oh, maybe that could be me!

Most important, your story reassures them that there’s room in your life for them. Of course, your date knows a little bit about you already, especially since you wrote a profile and exchanged a few emails.

You are someone they’d like to spend more time with. He probably already knows you’re a kindergarten teacher who moved from Minneapolis to Miami last year.

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