No up grades or credit cards live cam sites

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I have bought I tunes card for him .he does not text me much after in Lagos nigeria.said hes working now to get his flight ticket for he can return home to his kids..from Florida.palm beach he said.he calls me he sounds like his phone is plugged into another devic...

I hear clicking in the back ground hes says oh no its nothing... I think we talked to the same guy he was from New York in the same place had son to he actually showed me a pic we talked for awhile then he asked for money then i Tunes card I refused the next morning I tried to txt him and he completely disappeared no sign of him becareful That sounds like the guy I'm talking to now he said his parents died when he was 7 in a car crash and he asked me to get him gift card for his 8 year old son he said he was in the military and he lives in New York Do you know what his name was it sound Familiar to the same thing his from Florida his was look for love that his fall in love with me his the only child of his parents kill in car accidents and his son 6 year old his tell me all this sweet thing do have picture of him Hey Leah This sounds similar to a guy who was talking to me.

Plus having a wife pass recently I had no one to discuss this with either.

And yes they were all foreign but had names like Bob and Mark, and when I said I want it escalated I got someone else and I think it was the same person.

A week later, I called him, Omg he sounded like an Indian, Middle East with strong accent that sounded awful, as he said he is a white guy from Matthatan New York. During these months, he convinced me to send him some money for the Lawsuits , which I sent huge huge amounts that you would think how stupid I am sending him that much of money to help him. Can they track where the i Tunes card were used, location, and methods, and what for? Said it was the fed govt way of collecting payment. I got woken up from a call stating almost the exact same thing.

Then I hung up and he said his phone got hacks and he needs to get some i Tunes card to upgrade the phone security. Does Apple asked their name and info when they use i Tunes Cards? Today I got in a call with a guy claiming to be from the IRS. Then was put in with another "officer" he was even worse saying I'll be arrested in front of my kids ( this whole thing went down on my truck Bluetooth) finally had enough and next call to me was from a penitentiary in Columbus Ohio. They all sounded foreign yet used names like John Adams... Said if I hang up I would be arrested the next day.

Government offices won’t require you to use these payment methods.

They were totally insane pushy, telling me if we get disconnected in the phone he'd call the cops. Like you I had back taxes and thought I had paid them but was not sure.

He deposited 7,000 on my account and ask for i Tunes cards. Needless to say the deposit he made was cancelled and invalid. I got very close to being scammed with the itunes scam, but when i thought about it i was like well wait a minute, does all of this make sense. Was recently robbed and stabbed in Ireland during layover on flight to US. Because he was robbed; he has no money and need money to cover medical expenses. Grandson in boarding school and got a contract on oil rig in north sea. Until today when he said he needed itune card to communicate. I read him the riot act and told him what I thought of his attempt to scam me and told him he was scum..

I met a guy online and he claimed to give me 1500 a month, then today he goes "oh i did tell you you have to use itunes. Sends me romantic messages every morning and communicate throughout the day. I was actually waiting to see how long it would take him to try and scam me.tried to explain but I indeed cancelled the Hangout app because that's all that is on there...

He says all kinds of things to her about how when he gets home he will have all this money and they can get married but she won't believe me that he is scamming her and she continues to buy these men Amazon and itune cards and I can't talk her out if it she believes them over me and I don't know what to do. He showed me lots of pictures of his house and cars. Fell in love instantly was way into church gorgeous man tattoos everywhere feel like it OX?

We talked a few months and I was gullible enough to trust him with my credit card online account. I have pictures on my gosh I wish that this was a live chat I've been chatting with a guy who was from NY. I think I just talked to this guy..MO...daughter in boarding school..Fl and is a marine engineer...wanted me to marry him after talking to him for 1 day because I was the perfect of himself and looked very he asked me for money for his business.

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