Non smoking dating site

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If someone asked me up front, directly but politely, I wouldn't be offended and would just answer honestly.I might be concerned that they could become a schoolmarm later and scold me about it, but since I value open communication, I wouldn't jump to conclusions. Then again, if you're concerned that they might get a little defensive about the habit, that may be something you want to know now.

I might have hyperosmia (a heightened sensitivity to smell) - the smell of smoke isn't the only smell I have a problem with, but it tends to be the most consistently problematic.I get repulsed by someone's smoking nearby or coming close to me after smoking.It's purely due to the smell, which I find about on par with eating foods I hate the most, if not worse, and ends up consuming a large portion of my thoughts - I don't have a moral problem with it.Explain the symptoms you get when you smell smoke and ask if they could not smoke before or during any times you two meet up.You can even throw in a comment about how you don't really care that they smoke for moral reasons, but it's just for your well being. Note: If your date vapes, you might not have that much of a problem with the smell. And since we've been together for almost a year already, I can tell you that a couple of a non smoker and a smoker can exist and be happy. To get it, it was important to not make it a matter of principle, but a matter of what's important to me and what's important to her: she knows that I hate the smell when I'm eating, so during meals/snacks she sucks it up, whereas I know that the cigarette before going to bed is sacred for her, so I suck it up instead.

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