Polish women for dating marriage

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I really want to visit Poznan, Wroclaw and Gdansk and I am prepared for stares.let's be honest.Poles are not too tolerant when it comes to different races and cultures. I'm white with a ginger beard (could be anti-ginger racism though.)In cities like Wroclaw, Krakow, Warsaw etc you'd be very unlikely to get any bad attention in the city centre during the day, although bars and streets at night might be a bit different in terms of nasty comments.I think IR dating in Poland is even split Polish male/Polish female.

Basically, if his family are cool with it, then that's half the battle. but you'll get a lot of shit from the ignorant contingent, and perhaps even violence.

Have any of you ever dated anyone from another race? We haven't been dating for that long so I haven't met his family yet. It was a pleasant surprise because I was worried about visiting. I've been told it's because I'm a woman and visiting as a black man would be different...?

His family will never accept you." My cousin called me stupid and said he would never marry me because I'm black "Polish men don't marry black girls, they just use you for sex and then marry a Polish woman with the same culture". Only for 2 nights and I was surprised at how little stares I got.

More pertinently for you, there are black Poland born Poles who speak Polish, have one Polish parent but who aren't accepted as Polish at all due to a parent being from elsewhere.

I know one girl who suffers discrimination for exactly this reason, and gets told often to go back to where she came from. Point being, with this as the relevant background, yes, interracial dating is a huge taboo in Poland.

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