Radiocarbon 14 dating of the shroud of turin

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And that is what you are claiming: that the mindless growth of microbes on the Shroud's linen just happened to add enough new carbon-14 to shift the first-century Shroud's radiocarbon date thirteen century into the future to, not just any date, but 1325 /-65, a date which is so close to the Shroud's 1355 first appearance in undisputed history that its upper limit is 1390, 35 years after it!

Tipler was right when he concluded that would be a miracle (if it had happened). Why would Jesus, the Man on the Shroud, who is ruling over all (Acts ; Rom 9:5; Eph -22; Php 2:9), deliberately deceive His followers (like me) and provide evidence for anti-Christians that the Shroud (and Christianity) is false? Adler listed the problems with Garza-Valdes bioplasting coating theory. There are no bioplastic coatings on the Shroud, This is just playing with words. Adler (1931-2000)'s criticisms of the late Dr Leoncio Garza-Valdes (1939-2010) bioplastic[Right (enlarge)[6]: Dr Leoncio Garza-Valdes (left) and microbiologist Prof. ' Garza-Valdez makes a large number of extravagant claims, many of them self-contradictory, at odds with accepted Shroud scientific literature, or at odds with basic accepted biochemical, chemical, or physical knowledge ... contention is that the entire cloth is more or less covered by a bioplastic coating deposited by a novel microbe that he himself has discovered in the Shroud samples in his possession.

I already did let you respond to my comments, but you didn't, instead you ignored them and used my comments as a pretext to post a large block of your own comments. It is obvious, that a contradiction is between the radiocarbon dating of 3 labs and the Pray Codex. Agreed, but this is irrelevant to what we disagree on."[7]there were always present different microorganism on the Shroud for many hundred years to date. Water that was poured into the casket to extinguish the fire would have turned to steam.This would likely have killed any bacteria then on the Shroud, resetting your bacterial `clock' back to zero.Stephen Mattingly (right).]coating theory apply to all theories (including yours) which claim that a build up of bacterial or microorganism carbon shifted the radiocarbon date of the first-century Shroud thirteen centuries into the future. a bioplastic coating) ..." Adler's main points were, "where does all this energy for growth come from? He claims this bioplastic has corrupted the radiocarbon date ...It should be noted that to corrupt the observed radiodate from a first century date to that reported requires about a 50% increase in the C14 mole fraction. The same lack of evidence under the microscope for Garza-Valdes' microorganisms build-up, applies to your theory.

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