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If you would like to report a suspicious profile, please submit a ‘report abuse’ form or contact us at This is ridiculous, 4 of 6 girls i was chatting had the same story "I'm mix half American half (other nationalities) my dad was American and he passed away 2 years ago now i live in Ghana" always the same BS and they send me selfies and lots of pictures but the moment i asked for video chat sometime was wrong with their laptop of cellphone.This was ridiculous Dear Arturo, We have zero tolerance towards members of the nature you described.Within a week I was exchanging emails with 12 different women.It turns out they all started the same routine of confessions of their love for me and then they all abruptly stated financial hardships and requested money for phones, travel, and translator fees.I plan on visiting Ukraine in a few weeks to meet the one I've been speaking to most.I have recieved tons of spam messages and likes but the fakes are easy to weed out.

As a paying member, I experienced how much of the inquiries are false (80%).

Daily, I discovered 25-50 new scammers, many regulars.

I was simply thrown out of the side because I knocked on these scammers.

My Man came to meet me in Russia after a few weeks communicating through whatsapp, skype, endless video and audio calls. I wish and hope every decent person to meet his/her the dearest one and was able to keep it happy and healthy. Paid writers, that try to keep you interested, until your subscription expires so you can renew again. But good luck wasting tons of your time to distinguish them, and keep them interested, and them maybe something is done.

They even give phone numbers, and say 3 words to you only if you keep writing to them. It will be extremely difficult for even a decent looking guy, to find a girl out of this crap. Because of so many fakes, these few women have a gazillion options, guess what? Dear George, We have zero tolerance towards members of the nature you described.

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