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Clarification: the advice given here that you bring late assignments to your first class next week did not imply that rules had been changed in courses where there was no policy about handing in late assignments.If a late assignment would have been refused had there been no strike, it will be refused now.

Applications to Graduate Studies and professional schools depend entirely on your performance as a student. What counts is the quality of letters sent by your instructors and the quality of your grades.

A selection of photographs, drawings, prints, and paintings investigate questions of identity, presence, societal values and what it means to be alien.

Once again, students who are thinking about withdrawing from York, currently have no claim for refunding of fees. There may be a case to be made from special circumstances.

Do they require the Graduate Record Examination or similar tests?

Do you know where to find the Kaplan courses or courses like them which can help you prepare for these examinations?

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