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They’ve also got an escort listing by area incase you’re traveling and just have enough time for one quick shag.The site has a message board where you can find people interacting with each other and specifying what exactly they’re looking for.Again, a lot more research is needed to know for sure! Casey Calvert, a porn star, the BDSM and fetish expert for Game Link, and a self-professed squirter, thinks squirting is a real phenomenon.She says that if you want to squirt orgasmically, “get very comfortable with your Hitachi vibrator and also get a G-spot toy.” While there’s no hard proof that you can teach yourself to squirt, there are definitely plenty of articles and internet videos that try. “You can’t tell [it’s pee] unless the girl is really bad at her job and didn’t drink enough water and it’s really yellow,” says Calvert.

It was owned by several entities, from to ANDREW CHANG of Pink Triangle Press, it was hosted by Peer 1 Network Inc, COGECODATA and others.

Some just genuinely want company, but I think they’re in the wrong place for that.

As I said, Squirt is a hookup site, not a look for company site.

Calvert notes that not all women can squirt and that when she does, only a few drops of liquid come out. “My personal experience is that I can’t squirt on command. If you get hired to do a squirting scene, they don’t really care what you’re doing, if you’re actually expressing the gland that creates the real squirt or if you’re peeing.” So it makes sense that sometimes squirting, like a lot of other things you see in porn, isn’t real.

It’s also a popular fetish, according to Calvert, which is why you see it a lot in porn.

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