Step up 2 costars dating

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Back in January, some tabloids put out a report that she and Pitt had been spotted acting "ridiculously touchy-feely" with each other in Los Angeles, claiming that they'd been "casually dating" for about a month; before that, when asked whether he and Theron had taken their friendship to the next level, Skarsgård said, "People can think whatever they want."That decade-long solitude, for the record, is a bit of hyperbole.Theron dated Irish actor Stuart Townsend for nearly a decade, until early 2010.They began dating shortly after the season wrapped and were engaged a year later.The couple was secretly married in June 2014 in Ojai, California, and welcomed a son in the fall of 2015.with Seth Rogen at Cinema Con in Las Vegas, the Oscar winner put out a call for any and all love interests to hurry up and make a move.

, weren’t romantically involved with each other on the show. Sophia has since moved on but has stated she isn’t happy being another Hollywood statistic.

They were married in March 1992 and have four children together.

Even though many weren’t sure the marriage would last, these two have proven that they are the real deal! They became engaged in 2014 and then were quietly married in July 2015.

9 Annette Bening and Warren Beatty have now been married for 26 years, but they first met back in 1990 when he was looking for a leading lady in his mafia drama Bugsy.

Beatty waited until filming wrapped until he made his move on his beautiful co-star.

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