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Running composer as a super-user will break things in ways that will be difficult to debug later. Forgetting to run these commands can mean your DB might end up out of sync with the new files you just pulled, or you may have some funky cached autoloader values.

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of running these every time you pull anything new down.

If there are no database changes to migrate, it won't hurt anything to run migrations anyway, you’ll just see "Nothing to migrate".

If you are upgrading from a 3.x version of Snipe-IT, your app key was generated using the (now deprecated) mcrypt library.

This collection contains both Objective & Survival maps. USEFUL INFORMATION ← Some maps in this collection may have the abbreviation "ZM", which stands for Zombie Mod, but they are Zombie Survival maps in entirety. Note: It is recommended to have HDR and Color Correction ENABLED for better experience. Story: The zombie apocalypse took over the entire world... After being stranded in the highway near the coast during the zombie apocalypse you must push your way through an abandoned research facility to be rescued by an helicopter at the end. I do not know how the map will run on modified servers. This map is intented for the Zombie Survival gamemode, but you may use... Check out the updated version at zs_forlornbunker_v2. This map likely requires the following games to be mounted: Left 4 Dead Counter Strike: Source Half Life 2: Episode 2The game mode can be found here - I present to you all a new zombie survival map: zs_powercliff. I put a lot of work in to making it detailed and fun.

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EDIT: since apparently the addon is borked, here's a direct download of the bsp: Gamemode: Zombie Survival [ENG] The ancient settlement forgotten in the desert. This one is my latest ZS map and should be ok with all ZS versions out there. ZS_HOUSEPARTYThis zombie survival map is themed in a cloudy weather on a hill near a small road.

If you don’t see your issue listed there, open an issue on Github and we’ll try to get you sorted out.

Be sure to provide the information outlined in the Getting Help section of this site so that we have the info we need to assist you.

Snipe-IT 4.x defaults to using an Open SSL cipher instead of mcrypt - which will cause no issues if you are installing for the first time, but if you're upgrading, you may get a cipher error.

If you get a "Whoops" error when you try to login or refresh your Snipe-IT page, you probably forgot to clear your browser cookies.

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