Support groups dating

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It is important that members be able to attend at least 5 out of the 7 sessions.

Members who sign up will be responsible for payment for all 7 sessions – whether or not you are able to attend all of them.

They’d be taking their cues from my words and actions, opening up to me, and — if all went well — believing in a future with me that only existed if I was truly ready. For nearly 20 years, I hadn’t gone on a single romantic date with anyone other than my wife, and now I was seeing someone else.

I was going on dates and having fun, and I felt conflicted by the idea that I should enjoy these new experiences, because they seemed purchased at the expense of Leslie’s life. I was going out to new restaurants, watching movies outside in the park at night, and attending charity events..

Please click the link below for the adult support group calendar.

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The group generally meets twice a month on Thursdays, except on weeks with holidays.

When you lose someone, there’s a feeling of being under a microscope, your every move examined by friends, family, coworkers, and connections on social media. Like grief, the timeframe for each individual’s readiness is variable. Two things determined my own readiness to date: I’d accepted the loss and was interested in sharing more than just a bed with a woman.

I was interested in sharing my life, my love, and my family.

RAIN’s Adult Support Group is a co-ed group that is open to the community but only for people living with HIV (and 25 years old and older).

The group covers topics such as disclosure, nutrition, legal assistance, medication/medical appointment compliance, HIV education, dating, aging with HIV, and other chronic illnesses.

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