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We’ve all seen the viral, “rules for dating my daughter” posts, right?

Plus your intended audience needed to actually click on the email, a dicey proposition if the recipient doesn’t know you well.

You could be a Nigerian Prince for all Aunt Sally knows!

It’s OK for us to chuckle along when presented with a list like this while at the same time being aware that there are certainly a lot of people in our culture who believe these things earnestly.

So yeah, dads definitely come off looking bad in this one.

Yes, these messages are actually printed on shirts, that some dads proudly wear.

Have you come across an Internet Meme about parenting that you think needs to be demolished?The ones that use intimidation, fear, and sometimes even the threat of a firearm to warn teenage boys just how to behave around the girls they date?They’re creepy at best, downright disturbing and misogynistic at worst.Crazy Uncle Liberty downloads some pearls of wisdom from Glenn Beck University? Do kids these days need to seriously pull up their pants, stand up straight, go to church and get off everyone’s lawns? Have parenting advice for all of those people out their doing everything wrong and thus assuring the downfall of our once great society? We have taken the time honored art of standing on a street corner and shouting at strangers and plugged it in to the Information Superhighway! once you set your Internet Meme free, be it inflammatory blog post, snarky hashtag, or pithy Facebook image, it’s no longer under your control.Your traitorous liberal nephew, your feminist ex-roomate or your free spirited gay cousin might find it, carefully analyze it, then smash into a smoking pile of wreckage in Internet Meme Demolition Derby!!!

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