The 80 20 rule in dating answers to dating questions

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Juran coined this phenomenon "the vital few and the trivial many." Although there is little scientific analysis that either proves or disproves the 80-20 rule's validity, there is much anecdotal evidence that supports the rule as being essentially valid, if not numerically accurate.Performance results of salespeople in a wide range of businesses have demonstrated success by incorporating the 80-20 rule.Inputs and outputs simply represent different units, so the percentage of inputs and outputs does not need to equal 100%. Sometimes the misunderstanding is the result of a logical fallacy—namely, that if 20% of inputs are most important, then the other 80% must not be important.At other times, the confusion stems from the coincidental 100% sum.By applying the 80-20 rule to her blog project, Carla understood her audience better and targeted her top-20% of readers more purposefully.She reworked the blog's structure and content based on what she learned, and traffic to her site rose by more than 220%.Carla happened upon an article about the 80-20 rule.Because it said that you can use this concept in any field, Carla began to think about how she might apply the 80-20 rule to her blog project.

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This does not imply, however, that the student should ignore the other parts of the textbook.The 80-20 rule is a precept, not a hard-and-fast mathematical law.In the rule, it is a coincidence that 80% and 20% equal 100%.For instance, once a manager identifies factors that are critical to her company's success, then she should give them the most focus.Although the 80-20 axiom is frequently used in business and economics, you can apply the concept to any field—such as wealth distribution, personal finance, spending habits, and even infidelity in personal relationships.

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