Top 10 most intimidating stadiums

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The torture that JJ Redick endured during his Duke days comes to mind when thinking about how intimidating the college basketball atmosphere can be.Also, let’s not forget about the history that resides in some of these arenas.The arena is named after legendary coach Dean Smith and is the fourth largest in the country.For the 36th time in school history, the Cowboys finish with a 20-win season and a school record-tying 15 home wins.

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“The Pit” as its been dubbed is one of the most unique facilities in the country.The Palestra has been called “The most important building in the history of college basketball” and “The Cathedral of College Basketball”.The historic arena has hosted more games, more visiting teams, and more NCAA tournaments than any other facility in college basketball. A view of a portion of Allen Fieldhouse when the historic building is filled with 16,300 fans.Iconic moments in sports and world history have occurred on the courts you will see on this list.It is a collection of modern marvels and antiques we should always cherish. O’Connell Center give the Florida Gators one of the most intimidating home courts in all of college basketball.

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