Twenty something dating

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Through this foundation she awarded a scholarship, the Vibrant Lives Award, to a 2016 graduate who’s submission was then published in Conscious Magazine.

Megan truly is an inspiration to lead a vibrant life. was published this year and Kayla was the keynote speaker at her alma mater’s event — What Now? After six years of hustling and learning at her corporate job (and spending two of those years in grad school earning a Master’s degree), Kayla switched career tracks to a new role as a social media manager/copywriter at a media company. She is known for the captivating series she writes on her blog, most recently “Love Me Well” a crowdfunded and“limited edition multimedia series that aims to celebrate and elevate black love through the stories of 10 different couples.” She is also the winner of Best Writing in a Blog in the 2015 Black Weblog Awards.: Now Is Not The Time to Run, Growth You Can’t See, Height You Can’t Measure, Through Thick and Thin I discovered Kayla’s blog when I was getting more serious about running.

She is also the founder of The Mindful Pop-Up, a curated pop-up shop that debuted in downtown Vancouver last May.

On top of that, she is also the founder of The Vibrant Lives Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to engaging youth to in ending the stigma around mental illness.

They are all twenty-somethings who are following their dreams and figuring themselves out.I am always learning more tips and tricks from her blog posts whether they are on finance or self-development.Her blog mission is also very similar to My Extremely Minimal Budget (Under 00), How To Add Minimalism and Productivity To Your Life, Three Ways To Be Content In Life Elana is an NYC-based career and personal development blogger.Her Etsy shop, Sophisticated Resumes, where she sells resume templates that will make you stand out from the crowd.The Inspiring Girl Boss Series Liz is a travel blogger and American expat who has been living in New Zealand for three years.

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