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This is one of the few species of snakes that has very good vision.

They are known to be able to identify prey that is up to 300 feet away from them.

There are many sub species of Cobras but this is the largest one. However, in most locations they are going to be about 13 feet in length.

When they are fully grown they will weigh about 20 pounds.

As a result she can be very selective about who she will be with.

She may become very agitated during this period of time though due to all of the attention.

This allows them to be hard to identify due to the colorations they offer.

The risk of coming into contact with one of them in such forest locations is very high.

They live in locations that offer a thick forest region.

They have one of the longest forked tongues of all snake species.

They use it to help them sense what is going on around them.

There will always be some types of bands that run over them from the top down. They also have very sharp fangs with teeth that turn inward.

The overall appearance of the King Cobra gives it a look that appears to be very intense as well as fierce.

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