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Other updates are relatively minor: Open SSH 7.4p1 to 7.8p1, Samba 4.8.3 to 4.9.1, Bash to 4.2.46 to 4.4.19, and others.

updating centos 5-67

So, it could support up to 128 Pi B of virtual address space and 4 Pi B of physical memory.This was just about 3 weeks before RHEL 8-beta released. With RHEL 5 you have just whatever was auto-detected during the installation, probably 800×600.RHEL 6 should be close to full screen size, RHEL 7 and later should be full screen size.You encounter enormous changes when you change to the next major version of Red Hat's Enterprise Linux product suite.Here are my notes on what changes when you upgrade from one major release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (or its clone Cent OS).

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