Updating n810

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Advanced Packaging Tool with a command-line apt-get client can be used to install applications.

Users can subscribe to different software repositories, which can then be used to automatically keep software up to date.

It uses the Matchbox window manager and the GTK-based Hildon framework as its GUI and application framework.

The user interface in Maemo 4 is similar to many hand-held interfaces and features a "home" screen, from which all applications and settings are accessed.

This is to improve usability on a mobile device with a small screen.

Although Maemo is based on GNU/Linux and other open source software, some parts of Maemo remain closed source.

It provides four fully customizable (with the ability to add/remove widgets, move widgets around, change the background and customize shortcuts to applications/contacts) "Home" screens, Switching from one desktop to the others is done by sliding one's finger horizontally on the background.

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Some applications are original software written specifically for Maemo, while other applications are straight ports of existing Linux programs.

If no task or application is running in the background, tapping the top left icon skips the dashboard and directly displays the application launcher.

Maemo provides the Mozilla-based Micro B web-browser with complete Adobe Flash support.

A first-class mobile Web experience Opera Mobile 12.1 is a fast and standards compliant web browser with support for tabs, Opera Turbo for faster and more economical browsing, speed dial, and many more features.

The platform comprises both the Maemo operating system and SDK.

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