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Also, it can enforce SSL connections (see 1093) - that means, if SSL connection will be unsuccessful, it won't fall back to plain-text mode.I have reduced differences with upstream version of libgadu to minimum, so following updates will be easier.The following options are available: Use the following steps to configure the support repository, if you want to update your Oracle Solaris 11 FCS release.I'm using Adium, and I have Pidgin using coworkers with the same problem: We're using an Openfire XMPP server within the company, and it's not properly updating status (offline to online, away to online, etc.) This seems to be a libpurple bug, since it affects both pidgin and adium.The way I would (and might) implement this would be to add a field to the Purple Plugin Info?struct called update URL which would simply point to a text file with the latest version number of the plugin, which would be compared against the local plugin's version number.

updating pidgin-12

This version was tested under Linux 32bit and Windows 7 32bit (cywgin).With IPS, you can update all of the packages on your system that have available updates, or you can update individual packages that are not constrained by the system.If a package is constrained, an appropriate message indicating why it has been constrained is provided.and start tackling small tasks to get your C knowledge up. I guess it makes more sense to me on Windows since there are no distro channels for plugins to get updated through.I'll hang around the irc channel if/when I have free time, this summer at least I've got my own projects to work on, but I hope to be able to contribute to Pidgin eventually since I think it's a great project.

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