Updating rhel 4

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or Newer GLIBC for RHEL/Cent OS 5.x You probably won't find the libraries, etc.

that you need without switching to another distribution of Linux or heavily modifying your RHEL installation. I have updated the antiquated libstdc .so6 because i was nerved that is was impossible to install actual software, every time the linker was complaining about that it didn´t find the GLIBCXX_3.4.15.

updating rhel 4-31

updating rhel 4-21

updating rhel 4-38

updating rhel 4-89

There's no newer version of core RHEL components available (GLIBC, kernel, etc.). See: In Cent OS 6.x, how can I upgrade to Kernel 3.4?If you are doing this on a production RHEL server, the simple rule is don't, don't do it.For testing purpose, feel free to add the fedora repo or rpmforge or whatever gives you the latest one.gcc 4.8.1 comes with the gcc 4.8.1 sources and the actual libstdc 6. Then i made a symbolic link: to ensure that all depending applications would find "their" libstdc 6.I secured this with the "alternatives" command, but i am quite certain that this is not mandatory.

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