Usps parcel post tracking not updating

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There may be several days between scans if the shipment is going cross-country or moving between countries or territories.

Our improved tracking system has up to 11 scans so you can receive more information on your priority shipments.

Just as he was about to finally leave for the post office at around , the mail carrier showed up and handed over his package — two hours after the tracking info says it was left on his front porch.

“So now not only are they claiming they attempted delivery and left a notice they didn’t leave, but the next day they are also logging that they came back and specifically left it on my front porch when they haven’t, before finally hand delivering it,” Tony writes.

but the online tracking information said USPS had attempted delivery at p.m.

Someone who doesn’t have evidence to the contrary might believe they’d missed a delivery attempt, but Tony has a new home security camera on his front door, so he checked the footage of that time period — and no one turned up at , or ever.

If you feel like your international package may be missing, you can always file a missing mail search with USPS.

Generally speaking, we recommend waiting up to 30 business days before you file a missing mail search for any international packages.

This program allows participating countries to update USPS tracking for packages shipped First Class Package International.Are you wondering why USPS isn’t tracking your international package anymore?In some instances, you’ll notice a total information drop off when you’re keeping an eye on your First Class Package International parcels.“When a postal employee with access to the company’s internal tracking application looks at a tracking record such ‘scans’ will be listed as ‘system generated.’ ” A spokeswoman for USPS sent Consumerist the following statement, after getting in touch with Tony to resolve the situation: We are glad you bought this to our attention, and we regret the customer had this experience.The Postal Service expects our employees to always provide a high level of customer service.

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