Validating european vat id

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The HTTP response is an XML message that will include ‘true’ or ‘false’ to indicate whether the number is ‘valid’.

The ‘Validate VAT number’ Java Script action will perform several steps. (country Code && v ATNumber)) const countries = ['AT', 'BE', 'BG', 'HR', 'CY', 'CZ', 'DK', 'EE', 'FI', 'FR', 'DE', 'EL', 'HU', 'IE', 'IT', 'LV', 'LT', 'LU', 'MT', 'NL', 'PL', 'PT', 'RO', 'SK', 'SI', 'ES', 'SE', 'GB'] if (!

To do this, add a single Java Script action to call the online validation service.

Add a trigger form with two fields: The Java Script action will then use these two fields as input data to query the validation service.

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You can get started with Signavio Workflow Accelerator without this kind of integration, focusing on coordinating human tasks.The European Commission’s VAT number validation service is a SOAP-based web service.Its service-oriented API uses XML messages, sent over HTTP.You need only paste the VAT registration numbers to be validated within the tool and click the “Check” button.The tool will then pass each VAT registration number over to the Europa VIES service and will then display the response, informing you of the validity of the number and the name and address of the registrant where available.

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